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We can't talk about Ashley Dewitt without talking about Miley's other classmate and rival Amber Addison, who was played by Shanica Knowles.  In 2015, Knowles starred alongside Malcom-Jamal Warner in trhe Lifetime TV movie Megachurch Murder.

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There's some great music on this soundtrack! Click the buttons below so you can say "I heard it here FIRST!"  Read More

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Megachurch Murder

Lifetime movie premiered on Saturday, February 7 at 8 PM.  Read More

Shanica Knowles Artist Interview

Shanica Knowles left her hometown of Cedar Rapids. Iowa at the age of 13 and moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of starting a singing career.  After winning nearly every talent competition in Iowa, she knew she had to branch out and expand her career.    Read More

Shanica What It Do Magazine Interview

Its no secret that the entertainment industry takes no prisoners.  If you don't look the part, act the part or fit the mold, your trip to the top feels like a ton of weights on your back while going uphill on roller skates.    Read More
Shanica walking on the beach
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Singersroom Magazine

It's unconfirmed if she's related to the popular Knowles family (Beyonce, Solange, etc), but for Shanica Knowles, that's not a concern as she works on creating her own story in the entertainment and retail world. Known for her role on Hannah Montana and various other TV spots, the singer/actress has been tapped to be the face of the revived Kenya Doll (the first black doll). Check out our conversation with Shanica as she discusses being a role model, creating music & her style, and what’s to come in the future.  Read More

Huffington Post

Kenya first hit shelves in 1992 and became an overnight success -- consistently selling out in stores across the country and ultimately becoming one of the cult favorite toys of the decade. Created to provide girls of color with a toy that reflected their appearance (both their skin tone and features) and could be used as a tool to instill self-esteem, the dolls are arguably just as important today as they were then.  Read More

Core Magazine

We all grow up wishing we could be a real life doll, right? Cute clothes, glamorous events and you get to inspire girls from all around the world, there is nothing not to love about it! Well, the talented singer & actress, Shanica Knowles, walked into every girl’s dream and is officially the face of the Kenya Doll!.  Read More
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